Humana Foundation’s Stimulation of Growth in Private Initiatives, Creativity and Charity

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The Humana Foundation established in 1981 as the philanthropic arm of Humana Inc., one of the U.S.A.’s leading health benefits companies in Louisville, supports and nurtures charitable activities that promote healthy lives and healthy communities in the belief that improved health and education provide the greatest opportunities for individual and societal growth. They have thus placed confidence in people and their capacity to change for the better. They recognize the power of technology and immediately useful information to effect change. Humana believes in effective, passionate, capable and innovative leaders believing that through them wonderful things can happen. Humana also embraces health as a balanced state of well-being, recognizing an interrelationship between mind, body and spirit. These three represent vital ways through which communities could be renewed as outlined below:

Mind – projects or educational institutions that promote academic achievement and improvement in education.(31%)

Body – projects or human service agencies engaged in the promotion of healthy bodies and healthy lifestyles(41%)

Spirit – projects or civic and cultural development organizations that seek to inspire communities and enliven the spirit.(28%)

The Humana Foundation supports organizations that improve the quality of life in the communities where Humana has a meaningful presence. Humana and The Humana Foundation made 420 grants to nonprofit organizations in its headquarter’s city of Louisville and other communities where the company has a meaningful presence in 2006 with attention given to the three priority areas outlined above according to the percentages in brackets. Total contributions in 2006 came up to $7.8 million.

Humana and The Foundation make a difference through volunteerism, health education, funding for the arts, educational scholarships, disaster relief, and more.


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